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Daily Lotto


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Daily Lotto draw 1256

on Aug 19, 2022


Daily Lotto draw 1256 was held on Aug 19, 2022, with following Daily Lotto (Sa Lotto) results: 16, 27, 34, 28, 01

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Daily Lotto Dividends

Dividends for Daily Lotto Draw 1256, 2022-08-19

Numbers MatchedPrize Per WinnerTotal Winners
5 Numbers R164,487.10 3
4 Numbers R369.10 308
3 Numbers R22.60 10042
2 Numbers R5.30 104145

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Daily Lotto

, Daily Lotto New Daily Lotto Draw Launches In South Africa.

South Africa’s National Lottery operator Ithuba has launched a new game called Daily Lotto. Described as ‘unique’ among Ithuba’s choice of games, the Daily Lotto jackpot will be won in every draw and there are four different ways to pick up prizes.

Daily Lotto information:

How Daily Lotto Will Work

, To play Daily Lotto, you must select five numbers from 1 to 36. Draws take place at 21:00 South Africa Standard Time (SAST) and you must purchase your tickets before the cut-off time at 20:30. It costs R3 per play and you can enter up to ten consecutive draws in advance, either by visiting an authorised retailer or taking part online. Unlike South Africa’s other lotteries, the top prize is guaranteed to be won every time, even if there are no tickets that match all the numbers. If this happens, the jackpot, which starts at R100,000, will roll down and be shared between players in the Match 4 prize division.

Ithuba Excitement!

The value of the jackpot, and all other prize, will vary from draw to draw and will depend on the number of tickets sold and the number of winners. The first draw took place on Sunday 10th March 2019 and there were no Match 5 winners. The 57 players matching four numbers won R2,006 each.

Speaking about the launch of the game, Ithuba’s Khensani Mabuza, the executive corporate relations executive, said: “Daily Lotto is unique from our other games in many ways. With this game there is no jackpot rollover, every cent of the jackpot will be won and when there is no jackpot winner, the jackpot amount will roll down into the next prize division and be shared among all players four numbers.”

More Choice For Players

Daily Lotto is the latest in a long line of games to have been introduced by Ithuba, with the aim to generate more excitement and raise more money for charitable causes across the country.

Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto 2 - which are all separate from the new Daily Lotto game - are played every Wednesday and Saturday. You can play Powerball and Powerball Plus every Tuesday and Friday, while Pick 3 is a daily game, Rapido is available every few minutes and special National Lottery Raffles are held from time to time throughout the year.


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